Lanes Closed on Interstate 55 After Accidents in Lincoln, Illinois

LINCOLN, IL- writes that numerous weather-related vehicle accidents took place on Interstate 55 on January 15, 2019. The crashes led to lane closures that lasted for several hours.*

Reports indicate that Interstate 55 was covered in ice.

Drivers were advised to slow their vehicles and drive cautiouslyin the area.

Weather is a contributing factor in many traffic accidents across the country. Rain is the leading cause of weather-related vehicle accidents, in part because nearly the entire country experiences regular rainfall. There are parts of the United States that never experience winter weather driving dangers.

Ice is particularly dangerous weather condition for drivers. It is not always apparent that roads are icy meaning that drivers can be caught unaware of the slippery roadways. In some instances, roads may be clear in most places but have patches of ice in certain areas. Ice can form in the shadow of tall buildings or on bridges even when it is not in other places.

Even the most cautious drivers can have trouble driving on icy roadways. The most important thing to do is slow down. Speed limits are based on the roads being clear and dry and visibility being high. In inclement weather conditions, drivers who travel at the speed limit can still be driving far too fast for the road conditions. In most cases, slowing down is necessary.

It is possible to reduce the risk ofaccidents taking place by effectively icing roadways. Drivers should try to remain on roads that have already been salted. In some situations, it is best to avoid driving completely. In places where winter weather is a common occurrence, some drivers are prone to overestimatetheir ability to drive or their vehicle’s ability to handle the bad weather.

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