Motorcyclist Dies in Crash in Chicago’s Pilsen Neighborhood on October 30, 2018

CHICAGO- The writes that a crash took place on Tuesday, October 30, 2018,in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, which is located on the Lower West Side. The collision killed a motorcyclist. The crash took place at about 4:57 p.m. when the victim, 41-year-old Narciso Ledesma of Logan Square was riding near the 2200 block of South Throop Street.

Ledesma was on Cermak Road when a Toyota Rav4 hit him while the larger vehicle was attempting to turn onto Throop Street.

Ledesma was pronounced dead at the hospital. The autopsy report indicated that Ledesma died from the injuries he sustained in the collision. The medical examiner’s office ruled the death an accident.

The driver of the Rav4, a 36-year-old woman, remained at the scene and did not receive medical attention. The driver was cited for a failure to yield the right of way while making a left turn. Police carried out a sobriety test.

Drivers often fail to notice motorcycles because the two-wheeled vehicles are smaller and less common. Because of this, there are many collisions that take place because drivers cut into motorcyclists’ right-of-way. Left turns are particularly hazardous and lead to a large number of crashes.

In order to stay safe, motorcyclists should beextremely alert while ridingand should pay particular attention at intersections. It is important not to assume that adriver will yield when turning. One way for motorcyclists to increase their own safety is to wear bright colors or high visibility clothing. Motorcyclists who wear all black are more likely to be overlooked than those wearing bright yellow or orange. Additionally, it is important for motorcyclists always to wear a helmet. Helmets can save lives.

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