One Person Suffered Critical Injuries in MLK Jr. Drive

SPRINGFIELD, IL- writes that a man was driving a motorized bike and crashed with a vehicle that was turning. The car was unable to stop in time to strike the bike.

The victim was transported to a nearby hospital where he was reportedly in critical condition.

Police did not issue any citations.

Motorized bikes sometimes present a legal conundrum as they can come close to being mopeds. The legal differences are significant because a motorized bike that is classified as a bike will not require the rider to have a license, registration or insurance whereas a moped will.

One factor is speed. Motorized bikes with speed capabilities above 20 miles per hour become mopeds. Police have reported that many of the people who choose to ride motorized bikes do so because they do not have driver’s licenses orbecause their licenses are suspended. If the bike qualifies as a moped, this situation can become problematic.

Of course, regardless of how the bike is classified, these vehicles, like bikes and motorcycles do not offer protection to a rider when they are on the road with cars or other motor vehicles. It is important for people on motorized bikes to use caution, follow the law and to wear a helmet.

It is important for drivers to keep a lookout for other vehicles and pedestrians. Motorcycles often are involved in accidents because drivers fail to see the smaller vehicles and enter the right-of-way of motorcyclists or cut off motorcyclists while making left turns. Motorcyclists and cyclists should wear bright colored clothing to help drivers see them on the road.

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