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While the emotional toll of suffering an unanticipated injury caused by a careless individual, corporation, or government entity can be extremely upsetting, the impact is even more devastating when the conduct that causes your injury is an intentional criminal act. If you or a family member is subjected to a battery, sexual assault, rape, child abuse, molestation, or other criminal conduct, the long-term psychological impact can be debilitating. Although the perpetrator of this type of criminal conduct might be liable for punitive damages along with the compensatory damages available in negligence cases, collecting a settlement or verdict can be a challenge. Criminal offenders might not have insurance to cover the incident that causes injury. While an injury victims can still pursue recovery against the wrongdoer’s personal assets, a criminal offender without applicable insurance might lack assets sufficient to compensate you for your loss.

Handling The Full Spectrum Of Chicagoland Abuse And Crime Injuries And Wrongful Deaths

Our Chicago crime and abuse victim injury lawyers recognize these unique challenges because we have over 45 years of collective experience representing crime victims. During this time, our personal injury attorneys have recovered in excess of $40 million for our clients. Because of our extensive experience handling legal claims against criminal offenders, we handle the full range of these cases, including but not limited to the following:

  • Priest molestation, sexual abuse, and rape
  • Battery and assaults during physical confrontations
  • Negligent security permitting criminal conduct on commercial or rental property
  • Abuse of children by childcare workers/centers, teachers, coaches, and negligent school districts
  • Physical, sexual, emotional, or financial abuse of nursing home residents
  • Acts of road rage against other motorists

Obtaining Justice When The Criminal Process Fails

When injuries are caused to you or your loved one because of unlawful acts, the prosecutor and law enforcement often pursue a criminal case. This criminal action has a primary goal of “punishing” the wrongdoer by imposing penalties like jail/prison time, fines, and other adverse consequences. Restitution to the victim also constitutes a component of a criminal sentence in some cases, but many criminal offenders never satisfy this aspect of a criminal sentence. There also are many criminal cases where restitution is not made part of an offender’s sentence. Further, the high burden of proof in a criminal case means that many people never see justice done in a criminal proceeding.

If you file a civil lawsuit, you might be able to impose punishment on a wrongdoer who escapes punishment in a criminal case. Civil judgments are easier to obtain because the standard of proof is much lower than the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard in a criminal case. Typically, the general standard in a civil lawsuit is “preponderance of the evidence”, which only requires that the judge or jury find the facts support the plaintiff by 51 percent or more. A civil judgment can impose a “monetary penalty” on the wrongdoer. By way of example, the prosecution lost the O.J. Simpson criminal trial. However, the Brown family’s recovery in a civil judgment imposed financial hardships on Simpson that ultimately contributed to his being incarcerated for attempting to commit an armed robbery to cope with his financial difficulties.

Negligent Security Claims To Reach Insurance Coverage

Although a gang member who shoots an innocent victim or the target of an armed robbery in a mall might not have financial assets or insurance, the property owner or business operator, who will typically have more coverage, might be liable for injuries or loss of life caused by illegal acts. Cases involving the failure to provide adequate security allow a property owner or party in possession to be held liable for the reasonably foreseeable criminal acts of third parties. Our Chicago abuse and crime lawyers carefully analyze the criminal history of the area and past crimes committed on the premises of a business or government entity to determine whether the criminal act was the product of a failure to provide adequate security. We work closely with law enforcement experts to analyze crime patterns in the area to determine whether the crime was reasonably foreseeable. Further, these experts can provide testimony regarding the deficient security measures implemented by a property owner or business.

Clergy Abuse, Teacher Sexual Relationships With Students, Nursing Home Abuse

Sadly, physical mistreatment including sexual abuse frequently is committed by those entrusted with the care of vulnerable populations. When a priest or teacher violate the trust of parishioners and parents, they can be liable for civil damages. The church or school district can be liable when it fails to implement appropriate precautions to prevent such abuse or to respond effectively and promptly to reports of abuse by its employees. Like children that are abused by teachers and coaches in schools, vulnerable seniors can be targeted by nursing home staff or fellow residents. Our Chicago abuse injury lawyers are committed to providing aggressive advocacy for crime victims and exploring all potential defendants with insurance or assets against which to enforce a judgment or settlement.

Fighting To Bring Justice To Crime Victims Let Down By Criminal Proceedings

Our Chicagoland crime and abuse attorneys are committed to pursuing “monetary justice” for victims disappointed by the criminal courts. Further, we know that sending a criminal offender to jail does not provide the financial compensation necessary for a victim to pursue counseling and therapy. A monetary recovery against a party with insurance coverage or personal assets can provide the financial means to reclaim your life. Our law firm can provide the perfect balance of experience, expertise, empathy, diligence, and tenacity to help you obtain the best possible outcome for you and your family. We invite you to contact us today at (312) 422-0506 or email us to schedule your no obligation free consultation.

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