Common Causes of Car Accidents in Chicago, Illinois

Getting from point A to point B as swiftly as possible is something Chicago area drivers take pride in. We have places to go, and things to do, and no amount of honking can stop us. While we have simply come to accept the risk of this go-go attitude, that is no reason not to hold the responsible parties accountable when you are seriously injured in a car accident

The Stein & Shulman team regularly helps car accident victims in the Chicagoland area seek compensation from the parties that caused their injuries and all of the relevant insurance companies. Our experienced team has recovered millions of dollars for our clients, and we may be able to help you.

Who Is Responsible? 

Seeking compensation for injuries suffered in a car accident is not as straightforward as you might hope. Illinois is a comparative fault state, which means you can only seek compensation if the accident you were injured in was less than 51% your fault. If the evidence shows you were the main reason an accident occurred, you will be denied any money to help pay your medical expenses or other bills. 

Even if you are eligible for compensation, the amount you can recover may be reduced if you were even partially responsible for the accident. For example, say you have $100,000 in medical expenses because of your accident. If the evidence shows you were 20% responsible for the accident that caused your injuries, you will only be eligible for $80,000 in compensation. This is why it is important to work with an experienced car accident attorney that can show the other driver was the one at fault. 

Common Car Accident Causes 

At Stein & Shulman, we fight to get our clients every cent they deserve. To do this, we gather evidence that links their injuries to the accident, shows the defendant was the one at fault and reveals just how much our client has suffered. We have decades of experience representing Chicago area residents injured in the types of car crashes described below.

Failure To Follow Traffic Laws 

Many accidents in the Chicago area are caused by drivers not following traffic laws. While it may seem like it will be easy to prove who was at fault in these situations — after all, the other driver was breaking the law! — the at-fault driver will do everything in their power to shift the blame. 

The Stein & Shulman team can help you prove the other driver should be held responsible because he or she was: 

Poor Choices Behind The Wheel 

Sometimes the other driver did not break the law, they just made a poor choice. This does not mean they should be let off the hook. Irresponsible drivers must be held accountable when they drive too fast for conditions, don’t mitigate sun glare, choose to go out when the weather is bad or is too dark to see well or get behind the wheel when they are too tired to stay awake. 

Driving Under The Influence 

Many of the Chicago area car accident victims the Stein & Shulman team represents suspect that the driver that caused the accident they were in was driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medication. Police reports are often very strong evidence of fault in these cases, which is one of the reasons it is always important to call the police if you have been involved in an automobile accident. 

Distracted Driving

The widespread use of smartphones has greatly increased the number of distracted driving accidents in the Chicagoland area. Drivers cannot seem to stop making phone calls, texting, emailing, or using social media while on the road. Sometimes cell phone data can be used to show the driver was using his or her phone instead of paying attention to the road.

There are also many other forms of distracted driving that have nothing to do with cell phones. Each day accidents are caused by drivers who are eating, reading, messing with the radio, trying to plug an address into their GPS system, or doing something else when they should be focused on the task at hand. 

Vehicle Defects 

Each year vehicles are recalled so their manufacturer can fix a design or production flaw that has been identified as a potential cause of accidents. Most of these defects are discovered because they have actually caused an accident. The Stein & Shulman team has represented several clients who were injured because their vehicle had a defect. We have also assisted clients who wrecked because a part on their car, like the breaks, steering wheel, or tire, failed. 

Dangerous Roadways 

Poorly designed roads and roads that are not built or maintained properly have the potential to cause serious accidents. Both the federal government and the state of Illinois know this and have passed numerous laws designed to protect drivers and the public, yet the government itself is often the party at fault. 

While it is challenging to bring a lawsuit against the government, a successful case could force a change to roadway construction, maintenance, or design that could protect thousands of Illinois drivers.

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