A serious car accident can happen to any of us in virtually any situation. Understanding the type of car accident is important for determining who is at-fault for the car accident and financially responsible for the victim’s injuries. The type of car accident also affects the nature and scope of the victim’s injuries, helping car accident victims determine how much their car accident claim is worth.

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Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are some of the most common types of car accidents. Rear-end collisions occur when a driver suddenly decelerates by breaking or slowing down. In some cases, the driver behind is following too closely or accelerates too quickly, colliding with the car in front. In most cases, the driver behind isn’t paying attention and fails to break at a stoplight or red light, colliding with the car in front.

Rear-end collisions are often not as serious as other types of collisions, such as head-on and rollover collisions. Nonetheless, rear-end collisions can cause serious head and neck injuries. Whiplash is one of the most common car accident injuries and often occurs in rear-end collisions. When a driver’s neck snaps forward and backward quickly, the tendons and muscles can become injured. Whiplash injuries can take weeks or even months to heal and can cause the victim severe pain, making it hard to engage in day-to-day activities.

Rollover Collisions

Rollover collisions are among the most dangerous types of car accidents. A rollover occurs when one vehicle flips over onto its side or roof. In some rollover accidents, the vehicle will roll multiple times, causing the roof to become crushed. Any vehicle can become part of a rollover accident. However, research has found that larger sports utility vehicles and 15-passenger vans are especially prone to roller accidents.

There are various causes of vehicle rollover accidents. In some cases, a driver will make a sharp turn while driving at high speed, causing the car to flip over. In other cases, one vehicle will clip the side or back of another vehicle, causing the vehicle to spin and flip over. Distracted driving is also a common cause of rollover vehicles. A distracted driver may collide with a guardrail, stoplight, or another vehicle, causing one or more vehicles to roll over. Due to the violent nature of rollover accidents, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries are common in these types of accidents. The top of the vehicle often becomes crushed, making it difficult for emergency medical personnel to access victims and transport them to the hospital, exacerbating their injuries. 

T-Bone Accidents

Side-impact car collisions are often called t-bone accidents or broadside collisions. These types of car accidents occur when one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. T-bone accidents can involve the front or rear of the vehicle becoming damaged. In some cases, one car will collide with a fixed object, causing damage to the side of the vehicle. T-bone accidents are hazardous for the driver and passenger located on the side that is damaged. 

Even though many newer vehicles have airbags on the vehicles’ side, the airbags can only protect passengers and drivers so much. When a car traveling at high speeds collides into the side of a vehicle, the passenger vehicle often suffers severe injuries or dies due to the collision. T-bone accidents are hazardous when a large motor vehicle collides into the side of a smaller passenger vehicle.

Sideswipe Collisions

Sideswipe collisions occur when two vehicles that are driving parallel to each other touch. In some cases, only the motor vehicle itself will be damaged or scraped. In other cases, the contact between the two vehicles will cause one vehicle to spin out and collide with a stationary object or another vehicle. Typically the damages and injuries involved in sideswipe collisions are minimal. However, if one of the drivers loses control of the car, he or she can cause a multiple vehicle pile-up.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are the most dangerous type of motor vehicle accident due to the force the driver and passenger are subjected to. Head-on collisions are the most likely to be fatal or to result in severe injuries. In most cases, head-on collisions are caused by negligent drivers. Drivers who are distracted, speeding, or intoxicated are often the cause of head-on collisions. 

Single Vehicle Crashes

In single-vehicle crashes, one driver will collide with a stationary object, such as a tree, light pole, or guardrail. Single-vehicle crashes typically involve distracted drivers, drivers who fall asleep, drivers who are intoxicated, or drivers who fail to use caution during inclement weather. Sometimes single-vehicle crashes are caused by mechanical failures, such as faulty brakes or tires. Passengers who become injured in single-vehicle crashes can often pursue compensation from the negligent driver’s auto insurance policy. 

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