Chicago Swimming Pool Accidents

The most common summer activity, especially for parents, centers on pool activities. Both public and private pools, as well as water parks, make up a large bulk of a parents summer routine and that routine becomes heightened when the holidays roll in. As a parent of small children I know that I have kids in summer camp during the week where they swim twice a day. I then am driving back and forth to swim lessons over the weekend and public pools, friends that have pools and water parks take up a great deal of my weekend time. While I understand that I have an obligation to supervise my kids at these various places, I know I’m not an expert in pool safety and I rely in large part on the rules and supervision of the owners of these places to make them safe.

Accidents can happen both inside the pool or water ride for a variety of reasons as well as outside the pool where slippery conditions exist. Public pool owners must take serious precautions to ensure that the pools are safe. This includes, but is not limited to, making sure there are a sufficient number of life guards stationed throughout the pool that have the ability to supervise all of the kids in the water. The number of life guards should be impacted not only by the size of the pool but by the number of kids that are using the pool at any given moment. What might be sufficient on a Tuesday afternoon could be grossly insufficient on a Saturday or holiday weekend.

Further, the life guards selected need to be trained and have the proper life saving skills necessary to deal with whatever emergency situations arise. This includes having the proper equipment accessible within the grounds and not just limited to being trained in CPR.

As to private pools where supervision or lifeguards are not generally present, the property owner has a duty to make sure the people using the pool are safe. A homeowner must know that small children and kids are at risk for drowning and injuries in and around the pool and must take the necessary precautions to make sure pool safety and supervision are being followed and administered. If you want to take on the responsibility of having a pool in your backyard and you want kids to use the pool then you have to make sure that it’s safe. Accessories like diving boards and slides can increase the dangers associated with pool activities. Homeowners must also be aware that their backyard pools are attractive nuisances to kids in the neighborhood and many will try to access the pools when the owners are away. They must, therefore, take the necessary steps to prevent unauthorized use of their pools when they are not present or able to supervise.

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