As winter approaches the need and desire to visit shopping malls such as the impressive building of 900 North Michigan builds. The upcoming holidays will encourage visitors, tourists and shoppers alike to flood the busy Chicago streets and enter establishments such as the 900 North Michigan Shops. Although an outing or day of shopping can be a positive experience, it can also end in chaos if you or a family member slips and falls on a patch of ice or snow and is injured. Our law firm has represented hundreds of clients who have been injured due to the negligence of a property owner, and we will fight equally as hard for your rights.

The legal team of Stein & Shulman empathizes and understands what kinds of pain and suffering can result from such an unexpected and debilitating occurrence. One minute you are walking along the sidewalk or down a food court aisle and the next you are in the hospital with mounding medical expenses. Don’t risk not being able to receive the compensation you deserve to cover your hospital bills, physical therapy and lost wages from time off of work from those who are liable for your injury at the 900 North Michigan Shops.

Premises Liability and Available Recovery From 900 North Michigan Shops

In Illinois, it can be challenging to obtain a favorable outcome in a slip and fall injury case if you don’t retain skillful and knowledgeable representation. Recent legislation was passed to increase protection of property owners from injuries that occurred due to the natural accumulation of snow and ice, specifically, the Illinois Natural Accumulation Rule and the Snow and Ice Renewal Act of 2005.

This Act does not prevent all recovery for those who have been injured due to the snow and ice on the property of another. There are many other options an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can explore based on the applicable statutes and applicable laws. A person may recover if there is a broken or leaking drainage pipe or another form of system depositing water to places where pedestrians frequent. This can occur inside or outside of the 900 North Michigan Shops, on a sidewalk or in the parking garage.

Experienced Chicago Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Attorneys

Each slip and fall matter is unique, and obtaining a knowledgeable personal injury attorney will help you assess your ability to recover and increase your confidence in a favorable outcome. A Chicago personal injury lawyer will be able to gather all necessary evidence, investigate appropriately and accumulate vital details to ensure your rights are protected and you are properly represented.

The medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages you may have experienced due to your snow and ice slip and fall accident at 900 North Michigan Shops may not be your fault, nor should you have to pay for them. The attorneys at Stein & Shulman look forward to evaluating your matter to ascertain whether or not you have a case and what you can expect regarding outcome.

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