Rollover Accident in Lake Zurich Accident at Route 22 and Quentin Road

Rollover Crash in Lake Zurich Injures Two

Lake Zurich– April 21, 2018 (Chicago Tribune) According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, two people were hurt in a wreck at the intersection of Route 22 and Quentin Road. One of the vehicles rolled over before it came to rest upside-down. The accident victims were taken to the hospital treatment for injuries that are believed to be non-life-threatening.

While the two people who got hurt in the recent rollover wreck in Lake Zurich are expected to recover from their injuries, rollover crashes often cause severe injuries or fatalities. Rollover accidents are caused by many things, including vehicle design and driver error. In some rollover accidents, the vehicle’s physical features increase rollover risk. Tall, narrow vehicles like many vans and SUVs, and some pickup trucks, have the greatest rollover risk. Tall vehicles with narrow wheel bases have a higher center of gravity than vehicles with lower, wider stances. Vehicles with a high center of gravity require less force to roll over than vehicles with a lower center of gravity.

Excessive speed is a frequent cause of rollover accidents. Unfortunately, many rollover accidents that are caused by excessive speed are fatal. Alcohol consumption increases the likelihood that a driver will make poor choices like overcorrecting, which can cause them to lose control and roll over. Approximately half of all fatal rollover wrecks involve alcohol. Road conditions can also play a role in rollover accidents, and more rollover crashes happen on rural roads, where dividing lines are not always clearly marked, and speed limits may be high, despite curves in the road. Rollover crashes caused by vehicle design can best be prevented by designing safer vehicles, but many rollover wrecks can be prevented by drivers who make safe choices.