Rollover Crash Reported in Warren County, Illinois

WARREN COUNTY, IL- writes that a one-vehicle accident took place in Warren County on Tuesday, January 15, 2019, at about 10:45 in the morning. The crash involved a 2015 Nissan Van that was driving west on 120 Avenue when the driver lost control of the vehicle, and it hit a bridge.*

According to police reports, the driver, identified as Nathan Philip Perkins, 26, of Davenport was driving too fast for the road conditions. The vehicle flipped over onto the passenger side and then ended up in a ditch to the north of the roadway.

Perkins had his seatbelt on at the time of the accident. He was taken to the OSF Holy Family for treatment of injuries.

Police have not yet filed charges in thecrash.

Rollover collisions are dangerous and potentially deadly accidents that often result in fatalities. While only a small number of total accidents involve a vehicle overturning, a large percentage of total vehicle fatalities take place in these types of accidents.

Some vehicles are more prone to rolling over than others. Vehicles that are taller and more top heavyare more likely to overturn. SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks all have a greater risk overturningover as compared to sedans.

Vehicle occupants have a much higher chance of surviving rollover crashes if they use their seatbelts. People who fail to buckle up are ata greater risk of being ejected from their vehicles. Vehicle ejections are extremely deadly. Nearly three-quartersof all people ejected from vehicles are killed. While airbags provide extra protection for people in crashes, this safety feature is only effective when a person is kept in place by a seatbelt.

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