Motorcycle on road

Safety Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Chicago is home to one of the country’s most impressive architectural skylines and one of the five great lakes. It’s no surprise that many of its residents enjoy riding motorcycles to take in the views. 

Whether you are a weekend road warrior or your bike is your main form of transportation, you share the road with all types of vehicles that are usually much bigger than yours. Safety considerations are paramount. 

Government data showed that motorcyclist fatalities across the country were up 9% in 2021, continuing the upward trend seen in 2020. In the case of an accident, motorcyclists are often assumed to be at fault because of the few who drive recklessly. This is unfair. 

If you were driving a motorcycle and were involved in an accident with another vehicle or were injured because of poor road conditions, consult with an experienced motorcycle attorney for advice. 

In a large city, teeming with people and cars, collisions are going to occur. Here are some tips that can help prevent motorcycle accidents.  

The Big 3: Safety Course, Safety Features, Safety Gear

A motorcycle license, knowledge of your bike, and good gear will be helpful in accident prevention.  Riding safely takes some preparation but it’s worth it to optimize your wellbeing. 

Only ride if you are properly licensed to do so. Unfortunately, more than 20% of all motorcyclists do not. Illinois offers free rider training classes. You might be able to get a license waiver for the written and riding test if you successfully complete the course. 

All motorcycles are not alike and important features may be in different locations than you are used to. It is so important to familiarize yourself with the features of your bike, especially the safety mechanisms.

Since no physical structure separates you from other cars and elements, proper safety gear is essential for safe driving. Take extra care when buying the helmet, as most motorcycle fatalities result from head injuries. Make sure the helmet meets the minimum safety standards Otherwise, it might not be much help when you need it. 

Bright and reflective protective clothing is also important to prevent accidents and injuries. Making yourself visible to other vehicles while protecting your body against potential falls is important. Choose long pants and sleeves made out of durable material like leather or denim. Quality gloves, boots, and eye protection are smart to wear as well. 

Assume That Other Vehicles May not See You

A common cause of motorcycle accidents is that the other vehicle didn’t see the motorcycle before it was too late. Recognize that your bike is smaller than others on the road and it’s easy for you to get lost in blind spots. Wearing bright clothing can help with visibility but you should never take for granted that someone sees you. 

Some motorcycle drivers like to weave in and out of traffic or move between lanes of stopped traffic. Along with being against the law, it is also extremely dangerous as other vehicles may not see you when they change lanes. 

Call a Chicago Motorcycle Accident Attorney for a Consultation

If you were involved in an accident on your motorcycle, you may be dealing with serious injuries, property damage, and potential missed time from work. You’ll want an experienced motorcycle accident attorney on your side. An attorney can assess your case and advise you on the best path forward. Reach out to us today.