Several People Injured in Car Accident on I-39 in Mendota, Illinois

MENDOTA, Illinois — The News Tribune reported that a number of people suffered injuries in a massive car accident on Interstate I-35 in Mendota. The Illinois State Police troopers investigating the wreck did not release the names of the injured persons. The investigating troopers did say that several ambulances and even a Life Flight helicopter arrived at the scene to transport the injured. Law enforcement officers did not indicate how the wreck occurred.

This terrible crash happened around 3:30 p.m. on I-39 in Mendota on Sunday, August 26, 2018. Around 3:30, State Police received numerous 911 calls reporting that a “family vehicle” struck the guardrail and stopped in the center medianstrip. The guardrail was heavily damaged. Reports indicate that the guardrail broke free as it should have when the vehicle collided with it. However, the guardrail did come apart and pierce a partof the damaged vehicle.

The occupants of the crashed vehicle were able to free themselves, seven in all, from the wreckage. All suffered some degree of injury. None of the injuries were life-threatening.

The dramatic crash prompted a massivepolice, fire, and rescue response. Mendota police, fire, and rescue services responded to the scene as did crews from surrounding towns. Additionally, a trauma physician respondedto the sceneas did a Life Flight helicopter. Police shut down I-39 to allow the helicopterto land safely on the road. The passenger who suffered the most extensive injuries flew to the hospital in the Life Flight helicopter.

No further information became available regarding the condition of the victims of the crash. Furthermore, police did not say why the vehicle crashed into the guardrail.

The Mendota fire chief commended all first responders who flocked to the scene to render aid to the accident victims. The chiefalso expressed his gratitude that no other accidents happened while crews worked the scene. The chiefindicated that there were a few “close calls,”but no accidents happened.

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