Sharing the Road with Big Trucks in Illinois

Tips to Avoid Truck Accidents in the State of Illinois

The trucking industry has a major role in the United States’ economy. At any given time, thousands of big trucks are on the road, delivering goods across the country. When big trucks are involved in accidents, the results are often deadly. Big trucks weigh up to 80,000 pounds, whereas a standard motor vehicle weighs around 4,000 pounds on average. Clearly, a car is no match for a big truck in an accident. To avoid accidents, keep the following safety tips in mind.

First, it is important to understand that big trucks have several blind spots. Truck drivers cannot see other cars in these blind spots, making them a dangerous place to linger as you are on the road. A truck’s blind spots are right in front of the truck, right behind the truck, and along the sides. A good practice is making sure you can see the truck’s mirrors—in that case, it is likely that the trucker is able to see you. Stay at least 20 feet in front of a truck and 30 feet behind the truck as well.

If you need to pass a truck, make sure you are not in a blind spot along the side of the truck before you begin to move. Use your turn signal and then pass the truck. Allow plenty of space behind you before you move in front of the truck. It is also good practice to always pass trucks on the left side—not on the right.

Trucks have far more mass than cars—therefore, it takes them a lot longer to come to a complete stop. This is why it is so important to leave as much space as possible in between your car and a truck while you are driving—if you have to suddenly stop, the truck has time to brake. Similarly, do not cut off a truck as you pass in front of it.

Trucks have a turning radius of 55 feet on average. They need much more space to make a turn than cars do. If you see a truck attempting a turn, allow plenty of space—never try to get around a truck while it is turning!

In poor weather, take extra precautions around 18-wheelers. Make sure your headlights are on and reduce your speed. Allow extra space between your car and any trucks that are on the road. If you do not have to be on the road, stay home.

Thousands of drivers die in accidents with big trucks every year because they do not drive in a safe manner. The vast majority of deaths in trucking accidents are drivers and passengers in cars. However, by implementing these safety tips, you will significantly reduce the odds of having an accident with a large truck.

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