Traffic on Interstate 74 Heading in Illinois Direction is Reopening

BETTENDORF- writes that multiple collisions took place on Interstate 74 leading to the Illinois-bound lanes being closed down on November 9, 2018,during the morning commute. Even after the lanes reopened, traffic in the area was moving abnormally slow.

The police scanners indicated that nine or more vehicles were towed from the interstate, but it was reported that as many as 20 vehicles might have been involved in the crash.

One person became trapped inside their vehicle.

The morning saw the season’s first snowfall and reports indicate that the bridge is slick and that drivers should find alternative routes.

Inclement weather and slick roads play a role in many vehicle collisions. Bad weather can make it more difficult to see the roadand can impact vehicle performance by reducing traction, maneuverability, andstability. Out of the 5,891,000 vehicle accidents that take place in the United States every year, about 21 percent, or around one out of every five, involve weather factors or slick roadways.

These crashes lead to around 5,000 fatalities and 418,000 injuries every year. The leading cause of weather-related traffic accidents is rain. In 70 percent of these crashes, the cause was wet pavement, and 46 percent happened while it was raining. Winter weather causes fewer accidents overall than does rain. About 18 percent of weather-related car accidents involve either snow or sleet, about 13 percent involve icy roads, and 16 percent involve slushy or snowy roads. Fog is only a factor in about 3 percent of accidents involving weather.

Of course, rain is much more common as there are many places in the country that rarely or never experience freezing temperatures or snow. This is likely one reason that rain is the leading accident cause out of all types of weather.

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