Truck Accident Lawyer in Annawan, Illinois Discusses Trucker Fatal Accident

Truck Accident Lawyer in Annawan, Illinois 

Trucker Dies in Accident Involving Multiple Semi Trucks

Annawan, Illinois– May 10, 2018 ( According to a report from, the driver of a tractor-trailer was killed in a fiery truck crash. The crash happened on an entrance ramp to Interstate 80, when one semi-truck collided with another. A fire started in the wreckage, creating additional danger for emergency workers and others in the area. Traffic had to be rerouted in the area around the crash scene for several hours as emergency workers extinguished the fire and cleared the trucks from the roadway.

Any accident that involves a semi truck can cause a massive amount of property damage and severe injuries or fatalities. When two or more tractor trailers collide, the results can be devastating and even deadly. Accidents involving multiple semi trucks can happen at any time. However, the risk for that type of accident is highest during morning and evening commute times, when the roads are the most crowded. For example, the accident mentioned above occurred around 7:40 in the morning, a time when many people are on the road for their morning commute.

There are a few common ways in which tractor trailers collide with each other. One truck might rear-end another. Rear-end collisions can even cause a situation in which a driver gets trapped in the cab of their truck, unable to escape, at risk of certain death if a fire or explosion occurs before they can be rescued. Tractor trailers can also cause or add on to pile-up accidents. A third possible scenario for a crash involving multiple semi-trucks is where one truck collides with the side of another. The manner in which the trucks in the accident described above collided is not discussed in the news report about the crash.

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