Truck and Car Accident Collision on Route 31 in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Two Injured In Two-Car Accident on Route 31 in Crystal Lake, Illinois

CRYSTAL LAKE, IL— April 24, 2018 (Crystal Lake Patch) According to a report from, two people were hurt in an accident on Route 31 yesterday. The road was closed for about an hour after the collision between a Lincoln sedan and an auto parts delivery truck.

When people are injured in automobile accidents, they can experience many different kinds of injuries. One of the most common car accident injuries, the concussion, may not be immediately noticeable. Automobile accident victims who suffer concussions may not exhibit any signs or symptoms of injury until a week or more after their accident. Concussions are serious injuries, and they can be deadly if they are left untreated. It is essential that automobile accident victims seek medical attention after a crash.

Neck injuries are a prevalent car accident injury. The reason that neck injuries are so likely to result from car accidents is that the force of the vehicles colliding, or of a car hitting an object, stops the cars suddenly. When a vehicle stops suddenly, the heads of the passengers inside the car quickly snap forwards and then back. The violent movement combined with the force with which it occurs often causes whiplash or neck strain, which can cause long-lasting pain.

Facial injuries are another common type of car crash injury. During an accident, a victim’s face may hit the dashboard, the window, the steering wheel, or other hard or sharp objects, causing bruises, fractures, and cuts which can range from minor to moderate to severe. Car accident victims also often experience back injuries. In addition to their physical injuries, car accident victims, especially those who were involved in accidents where there were one or more fatalities, experience emotional distress, in addition to their physical injuries.