Two Accidents Cause Three Injuries in Winnebago County, Illinois

WINNEBAGO COUNTY, IL- reports that two people sustained injuries in an accident on I-39 on Monday, June 9, 2018. The crash happened when a travel trailer overturned. The driver of the vehicle towing the trailer believes that the trailer was overturned by wind caused by a tractor-trailer that passed the vehicle. Two people who were inside the travel trailer suffered minor injuries.*

The accident caused traffic delays. While motorists were backed up, another collision occurred at the intersection of Baxter and South Mulford. According to representatives from the Winnebago County Sheriff’s office, the second accident occurred when a driver from Missouri believed that the intersection was a four-waystop when it is actuallya two-way stop. The driver struck a vehicle that was driving east on Baxter. A passenger who was traveling in the car from Missouri sustained minor injuries.

Because of their shape and size, travel trailers can have a tendency to flip over. If the weight in a trailer is not properly distributed, the driver is traveling at an excessive speed, or there is a lot of wind, the chances of a trailer turning over are increased. There are steps that drivers can take to reduce thechances of having this happen. One of the most important factors is ensuring that the right vehicle is being used to tow the trailer. To pick a trailer that your tow vehicle can handle, look at the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) for your vehicle, and only tow a trailer that is 50% or less of the GVWR. You can also use a Weight Distribution Hitch System, which can spread the weight of the trailer to all axles and reduce sway. It isalso important to never travel too fast down a hill because this can lead to the trailer fishtailing. Also, be conscious of the weather, and heavy wind.

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