Two People Injured on Julien Dubuque Bridge in Collision in East Dubuque, Illinois

EAST DUBUQUE, Illinois — The driver and one passenger of a vehicle rear-ended on the Julien Dubuque Bridge sustained injuries and required hospitalization. The rear-end collision happened in the early morning hours of Thursday, November 15, 2018, according to East Dubuque police department responded to the incident and cited the driver who caused the accident. Notwithstanding, the case is still being investigated.*

East Dubuque Police officers responded to an accident with injuries on the Julien Dubuque Bridge which crosses into eastern Iowa. Police would not discuss any specifics of theaccident initially except to say that more than one person was hurt and required hospitalization.

Additional information surfaced after those initial reports. East Dubuque officers said that emergency rescue crews transported Lori Schmitt of Dubuque and a passenger in her vehicle to a hospital in Dubuque for injuries sustained in the crash. Two other passengers declined medical treatment at the scene.  Officers would not elaborate on the extent of theinjuries or the condition in which the hospital listed them.

The investigating officers also provided more details about the crash and how it transpired. Police said Ms. Schmitt was driving west and came to a stop because of construction on the bridge. While stopped, a vehicle operated by Christine Oberbroeckling of Zwingle, Iowa crashed into the back of the car.

Both of the vehicles involved sustained heavy damage and needed to be towed from the scene. The SUV driven by Ms. Oberbroeckling appeared to have significant damage to the right-frontof the car. The driver’s side airbag inflated as well.

East Dubuque police officers cited Ms. Oberbroeckling for failing to reduce speed and driving while under the influence of liquor or narcotic. There was no information provided concerning the potential criminal charges Ms. Oberbroeckling might face or when her first court appearance would be.

The East Dubuque police department continues to investigate the accident.

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