What if the At-Fault Driver Doesn’t Want the Insurance Companies Involved?

How should you react if the driver who caused your Chicago car crash does not want to get insurance companies involved?

Car accidents cause significant disruptions in our lives. Even minor fender benders in which no one gets hurt become painful events because of the time lost to dealing with insurance companies, getting your car appraised and then repaired. You might even have to seek medical treatment for a whiplash injury or back strain caused by the accident. Although obtaining medical treatment is the wisest choice you could make in that instance, it is another hassle with which you must endure all because someone carelessly struck your car. 

With all you have to do after a car accident to get your life back in order, it seems logical that removing a step from the equation is a good idea. Insurance companies, according to common misconceptions, cause more headaches than they are worth. However, not involving your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company in an accident claim could be a huge mistake.

Taking care of things without notifying both insurance companies could put you in a massive bind. That is why you should never agree to handle matters privately. The other driver might want to avoid the hassle of calling his or her insurance company, primarily when being held responsible for an accident might permit the insurance company to increase an insurance premium.  A person who tries to resolve matters without formally notifying insurance companies could be hiding something like an insurance policy does not cover him or her. A driver who is derelict in purchasing insurance coverage for his or her vehicle has an incentive to avoid a formal claims process.

Producing a driver’s license and proof of financial responsibility or insurance is a legal requirement in Illinois. Call the police immediately if the other operator will not present any identification or refuses to provide proof of insurance. Recall that you must file an accident report with the local police department who can compel the other driver to give them the information they would not offer you.


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