Accident Victims Often Suffer Injuries They Would Not Otherwise Expect

Experience shows that anything can happen when motor vehicles forcefully collide. Some accident victims sustain injuries that an accident victim might not expect. Even if you believe that you were uninjured in the immediate aftermath of an auto accident, any pain and injuries that arise after a car accident are likely caused by the crash even if they do not seem to be related.

Disc Herniation

Back injuries are a common consequence of a collision between automobiles. The power of the motor vehicle transfers into the motorist’s body and rapidly contorts, strains, and pulls muscles, tendons, and ligaments forcefully.  It is no surprise that injuries such as whiplash often occur. On the other hand, a herniated disc can occur when vehicles collide. A disc can bulge through the protective layer between vertebrae when the spine is pushed forward and become pinched when the spine snaps back into place. The herniated disc places pressure on the nerves in your back and impede your ability to move. Herniated disc pain rarely emerges right away and takes time to set in.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can happen when the brain suddenly and forcefully strikes the skull. The brain can sustain bruising or tearing. As a result, these injuries lead to potential permanent brain damage. Brain damage might not appear right away. The victim’s behavior might change. The victim could start to slur speech, have difficulty walking, and display cognition deficits from which the person did not suffer before the accident. The effects of TBI could occur shortly after a crash but could take several days before symptoms become apparent.

Knee Injuries

Knew injuries are common in car accidents. Knee injuries most commonly happen when the knee strikes the dashboard in either a front-end collision or a rear-end collision. Sideswipes or t-bone crashes can lead to knee injuries as well. The victim’s knee and leg could get pinned or impacted directly by the other vehicle. Severe structural damage can happen to the knee with these violent impacts.

Shoulder Injuries

The twisting and turning of the body in a vehicle collision can injure a shoulder in much the same manner as the back. However, shoulders can sustain extreme damage if the seatbelt locks down on the shoulder. The body will continue to turn even though the opposite shoulder cannot move.

Unexpected mental health problems

Accidents are traumatic events. Even after the physical pain subsides, the psychological stress remains. An accident victim can become paralyzed by fear and might not want to drive again out of fear of being involved in another car crash.

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