Back Injuries are Common in Car Wrecks

Car accidents are frighteningly common. While many car accidents are minor and do not cause a great deal of bodily harm, many seemingly small accidents lead to injuries as people are jerked around more than they may immediately realize.

Back injuries are one of the more commontypes of harm to come from a car crash. When a car crash happens, the human body is jolted in a way that it is not designed to handle. Thus, even low-speedcrashes can hurt a person’s back and neck.

The spine has three distinct areas, the neck, which is made up of the top of the spine and the cervical vertebrae, the upper back, andthe thoracic vertebrae, and the lower back and the lumbar vertebrae. The bones are surrounded by muscles, ligaments, tendons, anddiscs. Any of these body parts can be injured and cause varying degrees of disability and pain.

Injuries to the upper back and the thoracic spine are some of the more severe back injuries. Victims often suffer fractures and sprains in these situations, andit can lead to permanent nerve damage.

The base of the spine is made up of thefive lumbar vertebrae. Injuries to this part of the back are often extremely painful and can make normal daily activities difficult to accomplish.

Herniated disks are sometimes experienced by car accident victims. The symptoms include pain that hits suddenly and that causes numbness in the person’s legs.

The most severe back injuries are those that damage the person’s spinal cord. These injuries can cause paralysis, loss of reflexes and a loss of feeling. These patients sometimes suffer secondary medical problems including spinal fluid leaks, bleeding, and blood clots.

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