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Car Accident Injures: Skull Fractures

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Car accidents are a major cause of deaths and injuries in the United States. When a person is traveling at high speeds in a vehicle and is involved in a car crash, the external forces can result in trauma, including severe bone fractures. When a crash causes a vehicle to stop abruptly, the bodies of the vehicle occupants still continue to move forward. Seatbelts are crucial because they prevent a person’s body from hurling forward and in some cases, being ejected from a vehicle.

However, seatbelts are not capable of preventing a person’s head from moving forward. Car crashes cause vehicles to flip, turn and move in various directions which means that a person’s head can strike surfaces such as the steering wheel, the door of the windshield. When a person’s head strikes a surface with enough force, the result can be a skull fracture.

It is possible for a skull fracture to involve a bone break on any part of a person’s skull. One of the more dangerous places for a skull fracture is the base of a person’s skull. The brain sits at the base of a person’s head, and these injuries can lead to traumatic brain injuries. The injuries can be the result of a skull fragment breaking off and causing damage to the blood vessels and brain tissue.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for these fractures to be overlooked. If a basal skull fracture is suspected, then the patient should undergo a CT scan. If a fracture is present, then the patient may need to undergo a complicated surgical procedure to realign the bones. If the bones are not displaced,it may be possible just to observe the patient.

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