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When a car accident is entirely another person’s fault, it is possible that the other person’ will be held liable for all of the damage done to your vehicle. The other person may also be required to pay for items in yourvehicle that were destroyed, including electronic devices, eyewear, and sports equipment.

There are several ways in which your property damages might be covered. First, the liable person’s insurance might be required to pay your damages. The company might have to pay for the costs to repair your vehicle or for the value of the vehicle in the event that it was completely totaled.

Your own insurance is another source of coverage. In this case, your vehicle will typically be repaired more quickly, but you will have to pay any deductible that is on your policy. In the event the other person is liable, the other person’s insurance may reimburse your carrier, andyou could collect your deductible back.

If the other person involved was at faultand didnot have insurance, then your coverage will kick in under an uninsured motorist policy. However, you may be required to cover the deductible.

If your car is totaled, you have two options. You can collect the total loss value and the salvage value of the car, and sign the vehicle over to the insurance company. Alternatively, you can take the total loss value and subtract from it the salvage value, and keep the vehicle.

The insurer covering your loss will also pay for a rental vehicle while yours is being repaired or while you are awaiting the check to cover the total loss.

This applies if the rental vehicle is comparable to the vehicle you drove, you rent the vehicle at a reasonable price, and only rent it for what is considered to be a reasonable amount of time.

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