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Catastrophic Car Accident Injury Claims in Illinois

Driving has become so ingrained in our lives and our culture that it has become second nature. What we fail to recognize is that we court disaster every time we get in a car. There is no telling what danger lurks around the corner. We can drive safely and defensively as we were taught. As conscientious drivers, we minimize or eliminate distractions because we know driving is a dangerous activity. We respect that losing control of our multi-ton machine can irrevocably change a person’s life in the blink of an eye. Notwithstanding, another driver may not be as cautious. The driver who fails to recognize the danger must pay for the damage they cause for catastrophic injuries to you or a loved one. At Stein & Shulman, LLC, our car accident lawyers in Illinois possess the knowledge, skill, and desire to hold those accountable for your injuries and property damages.

Catastrophic injuries suffered in a car accident can be devastating, long-lasting, or perhaps permanent. Catastrophic injuries include loss of life, loss of limb, paralysis, loss of bodily function such as loss of vision, or hearing. Recovery from catastrophic injuries suffered in a car crash could take a very long time.  Meanwhile, life goes on. Medical bills mount from hospital stays, rehabilitation facilities, to outpatient care. You may even need in-home health care.  The costs can be astronomical.

In Illinois, you are entitled to recover for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, future lost wages, and future medical expenses for injuries caused by a motor vehicle crash. The other driver’s insurance company must pay your damages if their insured negligently caused the crash. Insurance companies are obligated to cover the accident up to the policy limits. In a case involving a catastrophic injury, the policy limits may not even cover your medical bills. In that instance, other sources of liability must be discovered so the injured party and their family can receive just compensation.

Locating additional contributors to the crash requires a thorough investigation into the accident. Whether there is an alternate source of potential recovery depends upon the circumstances of each case. Here are examples of other potential contributors:

  • Individuals and many businesses have an umbrella policy that protects against damages that exceed the primary insurance policies. An injured party may make a claim on an umbrella policy.
  • Another option is to bring a lawsuit against the individual personally to recover damages in excess of their insurance policy. This option is not palatable. Rarely will a person have the financial ability to pay out damages for a catastrophic injury. A judgment against the person individually can be discharged in a bankruptcy proceeding, rendering the judgment unable to be recovered.
  • Your insurance company may provide coverage for you if you pay a premium for underinsurance. You may file a claim with your insurance company for underinsurance when the damages you suffered exceed the other person’s policy limits. Your insurance company will cover you if they deem you to be underinsured.
  • Other parties may be involved in the crash that can contribute to the pool of money from which you may recover. For example, a third-party may have caused the collision, or the crash occurred because of a mechanical failure in a vehicle. The injured party can file a claim against those parties as well.

Winning Just Compensation For Catastrophic Injuries

Our passion is to win compensation for our clients who suffered injuries through no fault of their own. The Chicago catastrophic injury law firm of Stein & Shulman, LLC is a group of dedicated, successful, and committed attorneys who devote their practice to winning compensation for their clients who suffered injuries in car accidents.

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