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Motorists must obey all laws pertaining to school buses, and Illinois law is evident on the subject. Still, drivers ignore the rules because they are inpatient. Sure, getting “caught behind a school bus” can be frustrating, but everyone must remember that the safety of our kids is paramount to most of the things we do in our daily lives. Therefore, drivers must begin to slow when they see the yellow-flashing caution lights of a school bus come on, stop for school buses when the red lights illuminate, and the stop arm extends. Further, drivers must leave plenty of room for school bus passengers to enter and exit the bus safely. 

Operating a vehicle while distracted contributes in no small amount of school bus stop accidents annually. Although not an endorsement on drunk driving, a recent test showed that inebriated drivers fared better on a closed course than distracted drivers using a cell phone or some other device when encountering school buses. The results of that test should give some indication about the extreme dangers of driving while using a cell phone. Even using a hands-free device is distracting. Divided attention slows motorists’ ability to recognize danger and then react appropriately to that danger. 

Many of us learned in driving school to anticipate the unexpected. Trying to anticipate hazards that suddenly appear keeps us sharp and focused on driving. Some may even recall the lesson that a ball rolling into the street means a child will follow. Although playing outside seems to be disfavored by today’s youth, the lesson still holds true. Children, especially younger children who do not understand that walking in the street is dangerous, can do unexpected things. Excited kids returning home from school at the end of a long day often bolt out of the school bus door and sprint to their parents or try to catch up with their friends. They are not concerned about cars on the street. 


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