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Parents will do anything they can to protect their child from the ever-present dangers lurking on Illinois’ roads. But despite purchasing or leasing a car with all of the best technology available, securing your child with a safety belt in a car seat that you had installed by the local police department, and driving defensively at all times cannot keep your precious child from being hurt or killed in an accident. That harsh reality is cruel and unfair. 

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of deaths for children between three and 14 years of age in the United States. Hundreds of children die each year in car accidents. While some deaths are not avoidable, others could have easily been avoided. Almost half of the children who died on America’s roads every year are not adequately secured in the vehicle and are allowed to ride while unrestrained.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that the safest place for a child under 12 years old to ride is in the backseat. The backseat does not have front airbags, and the backseat will afford greater protection against fatal head-on collisions. Notwithstanding, a child could sustain a significant injury in a rear-end collision too. Making sure that your child is buckled snugly into a car seat, booster seat, or secured by a seatbelt will reduce the chances of your child getting hurt in a rear-end collision. 

A child injured in an auto accident has exclusive rights afforded to him or her under Illinois law, not only as a child but as a passenger in a car. The injured child’s parents will act as next friend of the child when filing the legal claim unless one or both of the child’s parents could be liable for some or all of the harm the child suffered. The child cannot pursue his or her legal rights personally because Illinois law does not permit a person to sue another until reaching the age of majority. Therefore, seeking competent and experienced child injury accident lawyers in Illinois is the vital first step in protecting your child’s legal rights.


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