Couple From Holt, Michigan Died in Illinois Crash

DETRIOT, MI — Charles and Shirley Fuller, formerly of Holt, Michigan died in a single-car crash in Grundy County, Ill on Tuesday, October 16, 2018, according to Grundy County is situated approximately 50 miles to the south and west of Chicago. Illinois State Police along with Grundy County authorities continue to pursue the cause of this double-fatal crash.*

Illinois police possessed scant few details to release regarding this fatal accident. What authorities do know is that the Fullers were driving on Interstate 80 in their sports utility vehicle and went off of the road. The SUV then hit a tree and burst into flames. First responders pronounced the Fullers deceased at the scene of the crash. Police do not suspect that any other vehicles were involved in the crash. No other car collided with the ill-fated SUV and police do not believe that another car forced the SUV off of the road and into the trees without making contact. Consequently, the cause of the fatality remains under investigation by the responding law enforcement authorities. Police did not state the ages of the deceased.

Cars veer off of roads for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons related to driving off of the road include driving while fatigued or tired, distracted driving, or intoxicated operation. Medical issues can cause a loss of control as well. The police investigating this case want to know why the Fullers’ car went off of the road. They might never be able to determine precisely what happened.

Head-on collisions with inanimate objects like trees and light poles are deadly because of the tremendous forces at play in a collision. Interestingly, a head-on collision with a tree, for example, is often fatal because the vehicle most likely did not hit the tree square in the front of the car. The airbags protect against a center impact. However, unless a vehicle has side curtain airbags, a strike that is off center can be fatal. The increased lethality is due to the forces of the car rotating around the point of contact.

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