Doctors in Chicago Report Rise in Fall-Related Injuries as Roads Become Icy

CHICAGO, IL- writes that the winter weather in the city is causing injuries to residents in the Windy City. Not only should Chicagoans be cautious about driving on the slippery roads, but they should be cautious about walking as well.*

RUSH University Hospital has stated that they have experienced more slip and fall-related injuries recently. Doctors say that the way a person falls will determine how severely and in what way they are injured.

Of course, more important than learning how to fall, people should try to avoid falling in the first place by being cautious and paying attention to where they are walking. It is also important to wear proper footwear.

When a person does fall on someone else’s property, the victim may have the right to be compensated for his or her injuries. In Illinois, a person cannot be compensated for injuries resulting from a fall on naturally accumulated ice or snow. This means that if there is freezingrain, and a person fell on the newly formed ice, the owner of the property would not be liable for the injuries resulting from that fall.

However, as businesses work to clear the snow and ice, some of them inevitably leave slippery patches of ice and neglect to salt those patches of otherwise attempt to reduce the risk of a person falling and being hurt. Businesses are obligated to ensure that their premises are reasonably safe. Businesses that leave icy patches in front of their shop could be viewed as negligent. In these cases, the businesses could be required to compensate the injured person.

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