Illinois Car Accident Compensation Laws

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Whether you were injured while driving through an intersection or you were struck by an intoxicated or distracted driver, you have legal rights. After an accident, you may feel stressed over medical bills, overwhelmed with the process of getting transportation, or feeling discouraged because you are suffering intense pain or sustained permanent disability.

A motorist in the state of Illinois has a duty to use reasonable care when driving to ensure the safety of others on the road or pedestrians on sidewalks. If the other driver is found “At Fault,” they may be responsible for reimbursing you for your car accident damages and accident related injuries.

At Stein & Shulman, LLC, our Illinois car accident attorneys pursue the fullest recovery for you and your loved ones by investigating the liability of all potential parties. We created a page explaining the Illinois Comparative Fault Statute.

Comparative Fault Laws In Illinois

If you file a car accident personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, the insurance company of the other driver will attempt to diminish your claim or deny fault. Insurance companies vigorously defend car accident cases in order to increase the profit of the insurance company. In many cases, the insurance company of the “At Fault” driver will attempt to shift blame upon you or your loved one. Also, a judge or jury can determine that you were partially “At Fault” for causing the accident. If this occurs, you could have the value of your accident claim diminished or set aside so that you receive nothing. In other words, should the judge or jury determine that you (the Plaintiff) are 51 percent at-fault, you will be barred from recovering any money.

This is why you should retain one of our experienced and aggressive Illinois auto accident lawyers. We will anticipate that the other driver’s insurers will attempt to shift blame onto you. We also engage in a careful investigation of the accident scene, do a complete analysis of law enforcement accident reports, obtain accident reconstruction expert opinions, and secure witness testimonies in order to defeat this defense strategy.

Important Deadlines Under Illinois Law

Illinois’ car accident statute of limitations limits the time that you have in order to file a lawsuit to obtain compensation for your property damage and personal injuries. Your personal injury lawsuit has to be filed within two years of your accident according to Illinois’ statute of limitations. In some circumstances, your Illinois car accident will settle during the deposition or before trial. Generally, you accident lawsuit will be settled before trial if your lawyer has built a solid case on your behalf.

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