Motorcycle Rider Dies in Crash in Homewood, Illinois

July 10, 2018– Homewood, Illinois ( A report from says that a man riding a motorcycle died after a crash on Halsted. The man was heading south when his motorcycle collided with a car that was turning into a parking lot. The motorcycle rider got transported to a local hospital, and he was later declared dead. Nobody else was hurt in the collision. The Homewood Police Department Criminal Investigations Unit and the Suburban Major Accident Reconstruction Team are investigating the wreck, and they need your help. Please contact them if you witnessed the accident.

Collisions between turning vehicles and motorcycles are a common type of motorcycle accident. It is unclear exactly how the motorcycle and the car involved in the crash mentioned above were positioned at the time of the fatal accident, but both drivers and motorcycle riders must be aware that many motorcycle wrecks happen in this manner.

Sometimes, a passenger vehicle turns across the lane where a motorcycle is traveling. When the driver of a passenger vehicle does not yield to a motorcycle, the rider of the motorcycle usually does not have enough time to move out of the path of the oncoming car. They typically collide with it, often with the result being severe injury or death for the motorcycle rider. Sometimes, motorcycle-passenger vehicle collisions happen in places where both lanes of traffic are moving. They also occur at intersections.

Sometimes, when there’s a collision between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle, there is a complicating factor like alcohol, speeding, aggressive driving, or distracted driving, which causes the driver of the passenger vehicle to fail to see and avoid the motorcycle. In other situations, there is no complicating factor, and the driver of the car doesn’t see the motorcycle until there is no chance to avoid a wreck.

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