Chicago is the center of highway and commerce related travel for the Midwest. The highway system in Illinois has 13 primary highways and 11 auxiliary highways and covers over 2000 miles within our state. We are the third largest state highway wise in the country and with that comes a need for increased trucking. Over 7000 trucking companies in Illinois utilize our highways and our highways have withstood the impact of over 100 billion vehicle miles in 2013 alone.

The car and trucking accident attorneys at Stein & Shulman are adept at handling accident cases involving our highway system. We have a team of investigators and accident reconstruction experts that are able to investigate your accident and the location of your accident at anytime. Investigations that are initiated immediately following a highway accident are crucial to proving the facts of the accident and assessing fault.

On average there are approximately 1000 people killed each year in Illinois in traffic crashes and over half of the car accidents in our state occur on our highways. And new laws allowing drivers to increase their top speed to 70 mph could also impact the number of accidents we see on our highways in 2016. There has been a steady increase over the last 4-5 years in the number of highway fatalities – an approximate 2% increase each year. The other factor impacting the number of highway accidents is the growing dangers associated with cell phone usage and texting while driving. Despite efforts to curb usage through the enactment of laws it remains a difficult danger to police prior to an accident.

Being the Midwest hub for travel and business in the country brings with it a large increase in cargo and truck delivery drivers. These cargo trucks have difficulty stopping quickly or taking evasive action to avoid a collision. The driver’s of these vehicle are often sleep deprived at times if they have not taken the proper amount of rest thereby increasing the chances of an accident.

All of these factors make the car accidents on our highways more dangerous. And with highway accidents comes the need to serious medical treatment which is costly and time consuming for working parents or students. We need to be able to work to support ourselves and our family and injuries take away from our ability to do that. Medical bills for serious injuries can be devastating financially.

Our car accident attorneys can help you get all your medical bills covered and paid for and obtain a settlement for you that pays these bills. We will help to make sure you are referred to the right specialists for your injuries and that you are able to receive all of the tests, MRI’s and medications you need during your treatment and recovery. We will also take the steps necessary to make sure your lost wages are included in your settlement, as well as your pain and suffering.

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