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Were You Passenger Hurt in an Auto Accident?

A passenger involved in a car accident enjoys rights that the driver of the car may not have. A person driving with passengers has the duty to ensure not only the safety of other motorists but also his or her own passenger as well. The passenger has a unique position compared to the driver because it is highly unlikely that the passenger can be found to be at fault for causing the accident. Unless the passenger is engaged in antics that distract or endanger the driver, the passenger cannot be held liable for an accident. They are trapped in the car and have no control over what is happening. If you or someone you love was injured while a passenger in another’s car in the Chicago area, the injured passenger attorneys from Stein & Shulman, P.C. can help.

A passenger in a motor vehicle, in essence, is helpless. A passenger is at the mercy of the driver of the car in which they are riding and the other motorists on the road.  The passenger can look to the driver of the car in which he or she was riding as well as the other motorist involved in a crash to compensate him or her for injuries depending on the circumstances.  An injured passenger cannot receive double compensation for injuries. However, if the insurance for one vehicle does not sufficiently cover the damages, then the passenger can turn to the other driver to be made whole. Of course, if there is a question of who is at fault for the accident then the injured passenger should receive compensation and then the drivers of the other vehicles involved, and their insurance companies can battle it out for primary responsibility for the passenger’s injuries.

If you are a passenger in a vehicle involved in a crash, there are a few steps you can take to protect yourself.

Here is what you should do:

  • First, in the immediate aftermath of the accident, make sure you and the others involved in the crash are safe from danger. Then try to assist the injured and call 911. Take note, if you are able, of the circumstances surrounding the accident. Try to recall as accurately as possible how the crash happened. Pay close attention to what people are saying and how they are acting. You will want to pay attention to signs of inattentiveness by either driver.
  • Additionally, you should look for evidence of inebriation or intoxication. Although a passenger cannot be found to be at fault in a crash, a passenger’s recovery could be reduced if there is evidence to suggest that the passenger knew or should have known that the driver of the car in which they were riding was under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
  • Within a couple of days, try to obtain a crash report from the police department. The report of the accident will have the identity of the drivers involved in the collision, the insurance information for each vehicle if insured, and witness statements.
  • You should give as thorough and complete statement to the police investigators as soon after the crash as possible. You may need to recall that statement later on. Having your statement on record with the police may help you remember the details of the accident years after the crash occurred.
  • Some witnesses may not be identified in the police report. Consequently, it is important to be aware of your surroundings to identify potential witnesses. Those independent witnesses, meaning witnesses who have no stake in the outcome of the crash or was not a participant in the crash, are some of the best witnesses for an injured passenger. An independent witness has no bias toward one party or another or has a monetary interest in any litigation stemming from the crash.

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