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Whether you are in an auto accident caused by a distracted, impaired, speeding, or otherwise unsafe driver, the force of impact from a collision can cause devastating injuries. While some injuries are immediately apparent because they leave obvious external signs like abrasions, contusions, bruises, bone separation, and other manifestations of injury, internal injuries can be particularly dangerous and insidious. Internal injuries like internal bleeding, damage to the reproductive system, and organ damage might not manifest immediate symptoms.

Because these types of injuries can become life-threatening without prompt medical attention, collision victims with any symptoms should be checked out by emergency responders. Many sudden and unanticipated fatalities caused by internal organ damage are only determined to have been the result of blunt-force trauma during an auto collision after an autopsy.

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Our Chicago personal injury attorneys understand the potentially devastating impact of serious internal organ injuries on a car crash victim’s health and quality of life. Our Chicago internal injury car accident lawyers carefully investigate law enforcement accident reports, physical evidence like vehicle damage and skid marks, and witness statements to develop a persuasive case regarding liability and damages. Our law firm has obtained over $40 million in verdicts and settlements for those who have suffered serious injury or lost a loved one to unreasonably careless and inattentive parties.

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Understanding How Car Accidents Cause Internal Injuries

There are two types of trauma suffered during a motor vehicle collision that can cause internal injuries – (1) penetrating trauma and (2) blunt trauma. Penetrating trauma refers to an object penetrating the body and gashing internal organs, blood vessels, or muscles. While blunt trauma often will not manifest external signs of injury, this type of force to the body can result in catastrophic and even fatal injuries. Blunt force injuries frequently occurs when an area of the body collides with a hard surface inside the vehicle.

Common Types of Internal Injuries Experienced in Car Accidents

While the specific type of internal injuries suffered will depend on the circumstances of a crash, some types of internal injuries suffered during a traffic accident include the following:

Internal Bleeding: The body might bleed internally in any area of the body where blood vessels are sheared or crushed.

  • Diaphragm Rupture: The muscles that stretch across the bottom of the rib cage are important for the function of respiration. These muscles tear in approximately one out of every twenty collisions.
  • Damage to the Spleen: Although many car accident victims might not even know the function of the spleen, this organ is a vital component of the immune system. A ruptured spleen requires prompt medical attention because the spleen fights infection and filters the blood. The organ is particularly vulnerable to damage and might rupture with hard blunt trauma to the abdomen.
  • Punctured Lungs: A blow to the chest or broken ribs can puncture the lungs. Punctured lungs can quickly be life-threatening because the injury compromises the body’s ability to facilitate the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • Kidney Damage: Renal trauma is experienced by approximately ten percent of individuals who suffer significant trauma to the abdomen. Damage to the kidney can impede the body’s ability to maintain acid-base, electrolyte, and fluid balance. These imbalances can interfere with the functioning of other internal organs like the heart, eyes, muscles, lungs and brain.
  • Injuries to Reproductive Organs: When vehicle occupants suffer trauma to their reproductive organs, they can lose the ability to conceive or impregnate, resulting in involuntary sterility.

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