Nightclubs, restaurants and bars have a duty under the law to their patrons to exercise ordinary care in maintaining the premises in a reasonably safe condition. This duty applies to, but is not limited to:

  • foreign substances on the floor
  • tripping hazards within the premises
  • unsafe stairs, bathrooms and entrances
  • adequate lighting
  • maintaining a safe parking lot
  • responsibility for alcohol induced fights or accidents
  • lack of safety or security
  • use of excessive force by security or staff

The night club injury lawyers at our firm are experts in premises liability cases and understand all of the duties and responsibilities that an establishments owes to the public to keep them and the premises safe. Our accident attorneys work with experts in the fields of safety, architecture and building code enforcement to investigate the facts of the accident to determine whether the place where you were injured breached its duty of care it owes you.

If you were injured at an establishment because you slipped on a foreign substance that was there due to the negligence of the business owner or a member of their staff OR if a third person caused the slippery conditions and if the owner or the staff knew or should have known of the slippery conditions and did not act reasonably to correct the problem than they have breached their duty to you. Meaning, did the staff cause the hazard or if caused by someone else, was it present on the floor for a sufficient length of time that it should have been discovered by the staff.

These facts are at times difficult to prove and the slip and fall attorneys at our firm know all the questions to ask and the factors that need to be investigated right away.


Another issue that can be the cause of many injuries sustained in nightclubs and bars is the interaction between security and the patrons. When a business owner of any kind takes on the duty to provide security and protection to its patrons and customers, it has an obligation to perform this duty with due care and competence, and any failure to do so would result in the premises being legally responsible for any injuries that result from this failure or breach.

If this responsibility is taken on by the bar or nightclub than it must act reasonably, and it must have the training and background necessary to perform this responsibility. Often times persons are placed in the role of security because of their size and have little or no training in security. If you take on the responsibility of providing security it must be done properly and when injuries occur as the result of improper or excessive actions taken by security than the bar or restaurant’s insurance should be responsible for the actions of its staff.

If you were injured at a nightclub, bar or restaurant and you want to understand your rights call the accident attorneys at our firm for a FREE consultation. There is no charge to pick up the phone and speak to one of our lawyers and hear their advice and opinions. You need to act quickly and aggressively following an injury caused by someone’s negligence and getting immediate and proper medical attention as well as reporting the incident to the property owner and dealing with their insurance carrier are just the start. Our firm is here to help you so call us today at (312) 422-0506.