Store and business owners, as well as property owners and property management companies, have a duty to provide sufficient lighting and when they fail to do so it creates an unsafe condition. One of the main causes of falls is the failure to provide the required amount of lighting. Not just at night but also within dark areas of buildings like stairwells, parking garages and hallways.

There are codes and standards within Chicago and the surrounding areas that require property owners to have a certain level of lighting that can actually be measured. Our law firm uses a group of qualified safety inspectors and experts that can test the lighting in the area where you fell to learn whether the owner of the property has satisfied the minimum requirements for lighting.

As we have discussed previously, many of the falls that occur in places of business happen in the parking lots, walkways and entryways to the business. More people seem to get hurt between their car and the entrance to the business than those that are injured while walking through the store itself. Potholes, cracked sidewalks or parking lots and dangerous staircases all may have tripping hazards that you could discovery and avoid if there was adequate lighting.

When a set of stairs doesn’t have adequate lighting the risk or serious or catastrophic injuries goes up. Remember we are not just talking about the duty to provide sufficient lighting but also the continuing responsibility to inspect the property to make sure that the lighting that is there is maintained. Replacing light bulbs that burn out is a simple task that we as home owners know all too well. It seems like replacing light bulbs within our homes is a full time job. Owners of businesses and those that are responsible to the common areas of our apartment complexes like the stairs, hallways, walkways and parking garages must make regular inspections of the property to ensure that there are no inadequate lighting problems.

The lawyers at Stein & Shulman know the requirements on property owners in terms of how much lighting is sufficient and we have the ability to get out the area of your fall and test the property’s lighting to see if it meets the requirements. We are familiar with the Codes for the City of Chicago and surrounding areas and have a wealth of experience in representing individuals that were injured in falls caused by insufficient lighting.

Call our office today if you believe your fall may have been caused by a lack of lighting. The consultation and advice is FREE. We can be reached at (312) 422-0506 and are happy to spend whatever time you need discussing your case and advising you as to how you should handle things in the immediate aftermath of your injury. Don’t wait to act. You deserve compensation for your injuries and we are here to help you.